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To describe MountainGoth Hats, the first word that pops into my head is whimsical. Lots of costume and traditional hats and caps. Distinctive hats slight off kilter.

MountainGoth hats are made in the studio located at the Tannery Marketplace at 111 Saranac St #10 in Littleton, NH. The studio is on the upper floor of an old tannery from the late 1800's. There is a lot of positive energy floating around the building with lots of crystals, massage and Reiki. There is a hint of fairy magic in the air. If you find yourself in the area hiking, skiing leaf peeping and see where the magic happens, love to have you stop by and say hi. This is a working studio.
Littleton is rapidly becoming a must stop for those looking for a quaint New England town with lots of artistic juju.

It all started with a Jester Hat, many years ago (we aren't counting), it was Halloween season and I wanted to be a traditional black and white jester for the holiday. I looked all over and could not find a black and white or for that matter a black or a white jester hat anywhere. I even went to a couple of rennie faires looking for them. So I figured, I was on my own, I was going to figure out how to make a jester hat.

After spending a day with my lightly used sewing machine. I came up with a design. I had my black and white jester hat to complete my costume. Since then I've made and sold hundreds of Jester and other costume and traditional hats.

Have gone on to study millinery at Boston University, under a master milliner who's works have been used in movies and on Broadway.

If you are looking for that costume hat and just can't find it. Please convo me, I love working on new ideas and designs, some of my best hats started as a request from a customer when they couldn't find the hat they were looking for.

It has recently come to my attention that unscrupulous people are making knock off hats from my design and using my photos. Please be aware, unless the shop you are buying from is called MountainGoth or Knotwyrd, the hats are counterfeit, I take no responsibility if you buy my designs from another site from any shop other than Mountaingoth. I have spend years finding the best materials and perfecting the designs of my hats. No idea what you would get if you buy from a counterfeiter. There is one brick and mortar retailer that I work with out of New Orleans, Bunny and Pink Inc.

Don't forget to check out my other shop at www.etsy/shop/knotwyrd for some crochet hat patterns.

Remember, never leave home without a little cash and a pointed hat.

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